What to do in 2015

I have two goals for 2015. Usually, I only stick with one goal, but I decided that it would be acceptable to have an abstract goal and a concrete goal. My goals this year are broader than last year’s.

2014 Goals Reviewed

I looked back on my goal for 2014, which was to go to the gym and learn to weight lift. I wanted to do weight lifting all year. I made it about three months in, and realized that I just don’t like weight lifting. In some senses this was a failure, but I learned something about myself and stuck with it long enough to prove to myself that I didn’t like it.

In 2014 mid-year, I decided to learn to like coffee. I now drink coffee every day and love it. So, that was a bonus success.

2015 Goals

Be the most honest and best person I can be. 

My abstract goal for 2014 is to be the most honest and best person I can in 2015. I would normally ban this kind of goal for being too lofty, immeasurable, and generally campy sounding. This year, I’ve decided that I can try this goal, because I want to and it’s ok to break my strict goal-setting rules.

I’ve listed the two adjectives in the order that I did for a reason. To me, it would flow better to say “best and most honest,” however, I think that putting the emphasis on honesty is more important than flow for this resolution. When I try to be the best version of myself, sometimes I end up being fake. I don’t want to be fake, but I also want to improve, so every day this year, I want to focus on this statement. The most honest and best person I can be.

Do something productive every day.

My more measurable goal for 2015 is to do something productive every day except Sunday. I’ve decided to be specific with this goal and measure “something productive” as doing something that I deem productive for one hour per day and logging it on an excel spreadsheet. I’ve come up with some examples for myself of things that I feel are productive and non-productive. This is a by-no-means complete list.

Productive things

  • Working out
  • Reading
  • Cleaning — Some days my apartment could really use it. ;)
  • Coding — I want to try to develop an app or game in 2015
  • Photography — I want to learn more about photography with a friend of mine who has a spectacular eye for photography.
  • Learning anything
  • Cooking new recipes

Non-productive things

  • Watching TV
  • Playing video games

This is my list of goals for 2015, and I hope to keep them. What are your goals for 2015?


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