I’m F*cking Sorry

In December of 2014 I started a new job. I have encountered the most bizarre phenomenon people apologize to me for swearing as if I were a priest. I’m not quite sure the reason of this. I’m not sure whether they are embarrassed, uncertain if I will be offended, or if I unconsciously give them some sort of look that says that I don’t like what they are saying. I try to keep my word-based antics to a minimum at work to be “professional,” however I don’t feel offended when other people speak as they would like to.

I’ve been saying a few swear words than I normally would at a place-of-work to see if I can get out the idea that I don’t care, but it hasn’t seemed to work yet.

Dear co-workers,

You can say what you like without apologizing. It’s ok. I’m cool with you talking how you feel. Anyway, I know that you are still getting used to me as I am getting used to you. But fucking seriously, I’m okay with your shit. ;)

With love,

–Matt Farah


2 thoughts on “I’m F*cking Sorry

  1. I’m so fucking proud of you!

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