Without a Smartphone 3

I was at a coffee shop and with no tablets or smartphones, I wrote the post for day 3 on paper.

Day 3

This morning I awake to a loud alarm, startled. I finally figure out how the snooze button works. For a $10 phone, this thing seems hard to figure out. I wake up again 10 minutes in the future to a sound just as loud as before. I had adjusted the ringer volume down, but apparently it has no effect on the alarm volume.

I am surprised to find my phone still holds three of five bars of battery. I have never charged it. It’s battery has been going strong since Sunday at 4pm. This is a huge advantage of this phone.

Speaking of advantages, I figured out speaker phone. I was overjoyed at this, but soon realized that at the same time I felt pathetic for finding this to be such a big deal in my life. I am saddened that I have sunk to such a state that I am this dependent on technology.

I feel like my texting response speed has improved. I am getting better at not looking at the keyboard and figuring out where the letters are. I’m impressed by the designers of T9. It works.


Today, when I arrive home from work, I decide to run. I like to time myself when I run to track my progress. The timer app on my Samsung SGH-a157 forgets where it is at if the phone is closed. I don’t own a watch, nor have an old iPod to deal with. I figure I can go into the clock app, track the hour minute and second I start and finish, and subtract. Even the clock app has no second hand. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to time this run on this $10 phone. I just track the minutes and guestimate the seconds. The main thing I miss while running is music. Music feels so motivational and fun. I only hear the gross sounds my body makes while running: the breathing, sweaty arms rubbing against my tired torso, my ankles cracking on certain steps. At the same time, I feel more at one with myself running without the music. I feel like I am a part of my surroundings. I complete my run and eat dinner.


I later go to a coffee shop with my roommates and some friends. I know, the prime place to blog is a coffee shop, where all the other narcissists and I can write about ourselves on the internet. I quickly remember that I am not going to be using my tablets, so I am left with pen and paper or T9. While T9 may be great for texting, it is not great for writing long essays. Pen and paper, back to the basics, I think. My hand starts to hurt near the end. I haven’t hand-written this much in years. The other bothersome thing about being at the coffee shop is de novo music. There are so many distracting conversations and noises; it seems impossible to focus. I try to read a bit of my book, but have no luck. I am able to write out this post, but poorly. I miss my music.

Positives for the day

  • T9
  • Speaker phone!


  • Music
  • Timer for running
  • Music again — This one really sucks.

3 thoughts on “Without a Smartphone 3

  1. My phone still flips. Haha! I’ve had it for about 6 years. Just talk and texting is all someone needs. I don’t want to be one of those people that can’t put their phone down when everyone is hanging out. People miss out on some much because their face is just staring at their phones instead of enjoying the world and people around them.

    And for running, just got pick up a cheap $20 Timex. You don’t need an app or phone to track your runs.

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